****This year, our Spring recital will be at THE BERGLUND CENTER on SATURDAY JUNE 13th at 12noon.  Our dancers will be having their Dress Rehearsal on THURSDAY JUNE 11TH (time TBA).****  (You will receive a detailed running order for dress rehearsal and recital in May.)

For our recital, we do not charge for tickets.  We charge each dancer a recital fee of $85.  (if you have two dancers the price will be $150) This will pay for our rental of the Berglund Center and for entrance of as many guests as you would like.  This recital fee will be due NO LATER THAN APRIL 16TH 2020.  

Your dancer will be taking pictures on the same day as recital rehearsal! iSnapJoy photography will be there to supply all of your picture needs! If you have any questions, please ask our secretary.